How to discover and highlight your top strengths when applying for a job

11 January 2017 Reading Time: 3 minutes

“What are your main strengths?” You’ve probably been asked that at least once – by recruiters, your team lead, new clients… or by yourself in the mirror. It’s a hard one to answer and it takes ages to dwell on it, but the benefit can be grand – both for your personal development and for landing that dream job.

Why Do You Need To Know Your Top Strengths?

Finding your top strengths goes deeper than applying for a job. Discovering your unique talents will add to the pool of self-knowledge you are building and will be of great use for personal development. It gives you a good idea about the skills, character traits and niche knowledge you possess and should build on. It’s best to invest in your strong points and make them an even sharper differentiator that sets you apart professionally. And if you find how to combine those with your passions, you’ll surely find not just a job, but a calling.

Of course, there’s a tangible benefit you’ll see if you add your Top Strengths to your resume. We’re developing new sections for your Enhancv resume by looking at the most common questions recruiters are interested in. And your strongest attributes definitely make the list! Adding your Top Strengths to your resume not only helps you answer an important question in advance – it sets you apart from other applicants and can lead the interview towards a new topic – one that’s definitely working in your favor. When that typical question comes, you’ll be able to answer without a moment’s hesitation – you’ve been fully prepared.

How To Discover Your Top Strengths?

Start by thinking about it on your own. What do you know you’re good at? What have others complimented you on in the past? Write down not just the specific strength, but it’s manifestations in real life. It doesn’t pay to just say you’re a productivity maniac – focus on how many new tactics for saving time and batching tasks you tried in the last year. If you’re the best growth hacker around, showcase a big campaign. Providing tangible results proves your words and takes them from a vague statement to an undisputed fact.

But discovering top strengths on your own can be a slow and painful process – so get a little help from your friends. It’s easier to point another person’s unique talents and that also means it’ll be easier for someone else to highlight yours. So ask your friends, family, former colleagues, mentors or university professors what makes you stand out. They’d be glad to help out – especially when you have a rich relationship to draw conclusions on. And when you get some feedback from different people, you’ll be able to compare notes, draw correlations and discover more about yourself.

Discover Top Strengths With Enhancv

When you add the Strengths section in your resume, you’ll notice the Ask a Friend button right away.

Enhancv How to discover and highlight your top strengths when applying for a job

You can share the invitation in the most suitable way, depending on your context – send a personal message by email, get quick feedback through a private message or broadcast to all your Twitter followers.

When you get your answers, they will all be displayed in one place – the left-hand sidebar of the resume builder. You can go through your friends’ recommendations, compare and decide easily. Then put in the best in your Top Strengths section:

Enhancv How to discover and highlight your top strengths when applying for a job

Although that’s the last step for adding top strengths in your resume, it can be the first step of developing those strengths into something bigger. Use them to plan your personal development. Match any job offers against your unique talents and really think if that new position will help you grow.

Interested in discovering your Top Strengths? Log into Enhancv and try out the new feature!

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