Switching to Enhancv got Megan 2 job offers within 3 months

13 July 2017 Reading Time: 3 minutes

Enhanced Lives is a series which aims to put our customers in the spotlight. In a short interview, we ask about their background, the experience they had with Enhancv and how it helped to improve their career.

Our ninth star is Megan, an energetic Associate Project Manager and Yoga teacher. How did Enhancv help her find a dream job? Read on to find out!

Hi Megan, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m from Nashville, Tennessee and lived there my whole life until attending school outside of Chattanooga. I am passionate about my relationships, teaching Yoga and caring for my body. My husband and I eat too many tacos and love our home church in Atlanta. 🙂

Enhancv Switching to Enhancv got Megan 2 job offers within 3 months

What was the reason you created your resume?

I was looking to make a career change. I’d been in an advertising position for two years and wanted to take steps to move into more of a marketing role.

I had been job searching for over a year. Looking at a number of agencies as well as trying to work the connections I had, but no such luck. Once switching to Enhancv, things started moving forward! Not only did I receive two job offers in the first few months, but a friend who is VP of his company said he wished that he would get resumes like mine from his applicants.

What do you like about Enhancv? Did you learn anything from it?

Well, I first love the layouts! So clean and professional but catches your eye. I also love that there are suggestions and examples as you write. That helped me a lot in how to word my job duties. It’s great that there’s ‘’someone’’ on the other side trying to get the best out of your words. I tried out the Content Analyzer feature, which kept reminding me to be more specific and show the impact I had in my previous roles. The content of my resume became much more powerful and appealing.

Enhancv Switching to Enhancv got Megan 2 job offers within 3 months

What message would you send to other job seekers out there?

First and foremost, make connections! Every job I’ve been offered thus far has been sparked solely by a connection I’d made previously. Who you know matters! Second, I think Enhancv does a fantastic job at giving you a step above the competition. The format alone grabs interest but the way they suggest you portray yourself and your work is unique. I do have to say that I’d been searching for a new job for over a year when I decided to switch out my resume format. Once changing to Enhancv, I was offered two jobs in the first 3 months. Can’t say that’s a coincidence 🙂

Enhancv Switching to Enhancv got Megan 2 job offers within 3 months

I would like to thank Megan for sharing her experience with us. It means a lot and we hope it will motivate many others to get started and upgrade to more personality oriented and performance-based resumes.

If you’d like to contribute to Enhanced Lives series and share your achievements with others, send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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