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Inspiring Resume Tips From 2017 Oscars Nominations


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Cover Letters Are A Test, We Will Help You Pass

You might have heard that ‘’cover letters are dead’’ before. Also, around 55% of hiring managers don’t read cover l...  »

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#DefineExperience : Polly - The Design And Entrepreneurship Junkie

#DefineExperience is our bimonthly campaign where we interview interesting and successful people about their experi...  »

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Breakfast - The Most Important Meal Of The Week

Do you know that the most often used hashtag on Monday is #MondayBlues? Even if you have a fun and exciting job, go...  »

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A Complete Guide To The Enhancv Platform: Menu Functions

In part one of our guide, we looked at the sign up options and account settings on the Enhancv platform. But once y...  »

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Enhancv’s New Pricing

We launched Enhancv back in 2014 with the mission to change the way people get hired. To empower you to show who yo...  »

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From Lou Adler To Seth Godin: The Future Of A Traditional Resume

You’ve probably heard comments like: “the resume is dead,” “dying”, “being transported to the emergency room”, or a...  »

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