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Destinee, An Ambitious Techie That Never Settles

Enhanced Lives is a series which aims to put our customers in the spotlight. In a short interview, we ask about the...  »

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What I’ve Learned As A Junior Entrepreneur In Bulgaria In Three Years

Seven years ago I joined one of the first entrepreneurship organisations here in Bulgaria. One of my first tasks wa...  »

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#DefineExperience: Irina - Blogger And TV Host By Day, DJ By Night

#DefineExperience is our bimonthly campaign where we interview interesting and successful people about their experi...  »

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500 Irish Created A Resume For Saint Patrick. Here It Is!

This post was updated on 17th March It’s here! The best day of the year for anyone who has at least a little bit of...  »

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3 Strengths You Can Develop Only By Switching Jobs

In 2011, The Economist declared freelancing as the future of work. Instead of being a cause for celebration, the de...  »

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The Ultimate Guide To Building Professional Reputation

It was not that long ago when employers had all the power in the recruitment game. The only way for job seekers to...  »

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