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5 June 2018 Reading Time: 5 minutes

‘’I want to use the resume in my international business class to show the power of presentation.’’

That was the closing sentence of an email we received from a well-known Japanese entrepreneur and one of the world’s leading authorities on cybersecurity. William has over 20 positions listed on his Linkedin profile, and 25 years of experience in various fields. In his portfolio, you can find long lists of awards, recognitions, articles, interviews, books he authored, etc. The problem he’s facing is something many highly experienced professionals face: fitting so many years of remarkable experience into an effective one page resume without missing out the important things.

The paradox of choice

It’s no secret that if you have too many options, it’s too difficult to choose. It often feels like the other choice would have been better, leading to dissatisfaction. This also applies to your resume. Having a long list of job positions and achievements to choose from makes it difficult to decide what to leave out. Often, you end up with a 4-page resume that no one wants to read.

Here’s how William made the hard choices and ended up with a resume that really stands out.

Enhancv A powerful one page resume example one page resume

How William fit 25 years of experience into a single page

The best way to fit more within one page on the Enhancv platform is using the Compact layout. With a single click, you can fit around 50% more content on one page. Your resume will still look clean, ordered, and easy to read. That’s the layout William used. Still, that’s only the start. Here are the sections and how William used each one:

Short bio

Enhancv A powerful one page resume example one page resume

Right under his name, William wrote what defines him as a professional: ‘’Entrepreneur, keynote speaker, advisor & cyber czar’’.

This quickly gives you an idea of what kind of jobs he’s done, and what is most significant about his career. It frames the way you think about him, right at the start, and all in just 7 words. That’s the kind of space saving that makes for an effective one page resume.

Experience section

Enhancv A powerful one page resume example one page resume

William chose to share 3 jobs within his experience section. For him, these are the most current and significant ones. Plus, all of them are quite different from each other. He’s mentioned a few top achievements under each of these. It’s short but powerful. As a reader, you clearly see what his impact was in each position.

He also decided to name the section Entrepreneurial Experience. Which suggests that it covers only a portion of his work experience. This is a case where careful decision making really pays off with greater impact.

Areas of expertise

Enhancv A powerful one page resume example one page resume

The My Time section is an Enhancv signature. Aside from the fact that you can’t find it on any other resume builder, we believe that it reveals a lot about you as a person. It allows our users to show what their most productive week or typical day looks like, for example. William used it to show his areas of expertise. Each piece of the pie chart also indicates where his greatest strengths lay. For example, it’s obvious that Cybersecurity is something he does best.

Most proud of

Enhancv A powerful one page resume example one page resume

This is another one of our signature sections. It’s a more personal way to show off your top achievements. For a person like William, it’s a great way to mention a few job positions in a more creative and interesting way. He’s mentioned advising the Japanese Government as well as over twenty tech companies regarding business, technology, and security.

His other point is ‘’Giving back to community’’, where he mentions that he’s been supporting charitable and community-based organizations. Both of these are great achievements, but they also show his personality: that of a dedicated and hardworking person that wants to make change in Japan and the world.

Right there, William saved another page where he’d list all his advisory positions and achievements. All in a few sentences, with bits of his character. Short but powerful.

Authored books

Enhancv A powerful one page resume example one page resume

William has written four complete books so far, three in Japanese and one in English. He’s also contributed to a few major essays and has been a contributor to The World Economic Forum and Forbes. It’s obvious he’s a good writer. But instead of adding this to his experience section as separate jobs, he put a sample of his creations into ‘’Authored Books’’ section.

Tip: You can use this section for another thing too, for example, “Favorite Art”, “Featured Articles”, etc.

Life motto

Enhancv A powerful one page resume example one page resume

Going back to the top, William shared his life motto. One sentence: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity,” says so much about him. He has dealt with difficult situations, but he’s not the kind of person that gives up. He perceives problems as opportunities.

A simple quote can speak volumes about you as a person and your attitude to work and life itself. Beyond simply showing how you see the world, it can signal to companies whether you might fit into their culture.

Tip: You can also name this section a “Life philosophy” or “Personal mantra”.


Enhancv A powerful one page resume example one page resume

William listed teaching as one of his three passions, which is another smart way to save space. (Teaching is also one of his current jobs.) Under each passion, he added a short description which reinforces his characteristics and makes a simple passions section very powerful.

Tip: Saying that one of your passions is reading is great, but if you mention that you read 1 book a day, that’s much more powerful. (That’s how much Elon Musk reads!)


Enhancv A powerful one page resume example one page resume

Throughout his career, William has won a number of awards and recognitions. On his resume, he chose to mention four most significant ones. Again, this revealed a lot about his work, experience, and passions.

Saving space is good

While some CEO recruiters are fine with a longer resume, other cases like conferences demand a short but powerful one page resume. Whether you’ve got 25 years of experience or none, making a strong impression is essential and a single page helps you do that. If you’d like to see more examples of compelling one page resumes, check out our successful resumes page.


*note, the original version of this article was published in September of 2017

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14 comments on “A powerful one page resume example

    It is amazing how all that could be fitted into one page. I never thought it could be possible until the example I just saw. Today I have learned something new and very rewarding.

  2. Edwin Mwaniki on

    Wow!!!its actually interesting how 25yrs experience fit in such a small volume with each one of them represented.I’m learning 🙂

  3. David Morris on

    WOW. This is inspirational.

    As a hiring manager, I have certainly valued seeing people pay attention to the format as well as the content of their CV. In my most recent recruitment drive, of the three candidates that made it through to the last round, tow of them had used enhancv. It shows. The long wordy CVs, with little thought to format, language, grammar, or white space make me cringe and risk being quickly consigned to the reject pile. Our internal recruiters hold us to account for providing reasonable feedback on why someone don’t make the grade (an awful CV alone is not reason enough). Perhaps I should start making a link to enhancv part of that feedback.

    Now, ironically, as I think about my own CV: it used to run many pages, as I used to detail individual projects on which I had worked. Then some years ago I trimmed it down to four pages. Page 1 has my profile, key achievements, and summary of core competencies. Pages 2 and 3 cover roles and achievements in the last 12 years, showing just a list of roles from the 20 years before that. Finally, page 4 shows my professional development, education, professional memberships, online presence, publications, and general interests. Seeing this one-pager has certainly given me some ideas. While I can see ways of chopping mine down to a two-pager, I am struggling with how it might become a single page. I note that the font you have used is small, however it is a really crisp font with plenty of white space still, so that the reader can focus. I’ll ponder some more and see what I could safely discard.

  4. Pamela on

    Can I hire someone at your company to create something like this for me from my blah old school resume? I’m not at all tech savvy!

    • Tatiana Rehmova on

      Hi Pamela, unfortunately, we don’t offer such services. We believe that you know yourself and your career best and therefore it’s most appropriate if you create your resume yourself. We did our best to make the platform super-easy to use, which means you don’t need to be tech savvy to be able to create a great resume yourself. 🙂 If you decide to give it a go, we’d be excited to hear what you thought. Thank you!

  5. Raj on

    Putting a photo on the resume. How do you (as hiring managers) feel about this? One, it is too edgy styling, but that’s my personal opinion. Second, I am concerned about discriminatory hiring lawsuits, etc. I don’t want applicants to send me resume with photos. What do you think?

    • Tatiana Rehmova on

      Hi Raj, thanks for your comment.

      As an employer, we accept resumes with a photo on them. It’s not that we require them, but we definitely don’t throw them in the bin. As an employer, you need to decide what’s important to you. For us, the main information we want to see on resumes is candidates’ personality, values, attitude to work and life, as well as quantifiable results from each job they’ve had. A photo is the last thing we look at. It’s definitely a sensitive topic, though. On one hand, yes, you can get a discriminatory hiring lawsuit, but on the other hand, the majority of recruiters use Linkedin as a way to cross-check resumes. On Linkedin, we’re encouraged to use a profile photo anyway. So wouldn’t that be against the law too?

      • Michael Sexton on

        If an employer has a bias: 1. Do you really want to work for them anyway? 2. They’re going to find out what you look like, your gender and your ethnicity at some point, most likely on LinkedIn.
        When I have needed to supply a CV (and I use EnhanCV) I link the photo to my YouPlus.biz personal branding video. This is like a 30 second pre-interview, which allows me to communicate my message directly to the recruiter or employer.
        It’s the perfect complement to a EnhanCV. It’s also on my LinkedIn Profile which is key!

  6. renuka on

    Length of a resume matters big time. This, I came to know after going through your blog which is based on the length of a resume. It helped me a lot during resume preparation. Thank you.


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