#DefineExperience: Irina – Blogger And TV Host By Day, DJ By Night

2 March 2017 Reading Time: 3 minutes

#DefineExperience is our bimonthly campaign where we interview interesting and successful people about their experience. We ask them not only about their professional experience but also about a more personal side of things.

It’s a pleasure to introduce to you our eleventh interviewee – Irina, a fashion and lifestyle blogger, TV host, DJ and party organizer.

1. Hey Irina, what’s your story?

I am a journalist and a blogger – I work as an Editor for a morning show called “Before noon”. My blog is called “When You Wonder What to Wear” and it provides ideas for personal style and great outfits. I am 1/3 of the DJ team “The Shame Crew” and you can dance with us at various nightclubs around Sofia. In my spare time, I love to travel.

Enhancv #DefineExperience: Irina – Blogger And TV Host By Day, DJ By Night

2. Irina, please define experience.

Working hard until you are able to solve all daily issues with ease.

3. What do you consider as your most significant accomplishment in your career so far? What about outside of your career?

In my professional career – my interview with Roger Waters. He has been my idol since my teenage years and choosing which questions to ask during the short allotted time was hard.

Outside of that – the DJ project called “The Shame Crew”, which grew from hobby to a job!

Enhancv #DefineExperience: Irina – Blogger And TV Host By Day, DJ By Night

4. Do you think failure is part of experience? What was your biggest failure?

I believe that failures are part of experience, but you shouldn’t get too fixated on them. The first question in my interview with the photographer Oliviero Toscani, for instance, was not chosen well, which set him in the wrong mood and wasted an otherwise exciting opportunity.

5. What lifehack tips would you give to your 18-year-old self?

Be more patient.

6. Would you do something differently if you had the chance?

No, I am happy in my current place and everything that has happened has led me to where I am.

7. This is not from the questions list, but can you tell us more about your project “When You Wonder What To Wear”?

I didn’t imagine how much work, dedication and complex arrangements are necessary to maintain a blog with regular articles on different subjects. Beyond the idea, each contribution is the result of the efforts of multiple people, coordination, and attention to details.

Enhancv #DefineExperience: Irina – Blogger And TV Host By Day, DJ By Night

We want to thank Polly for sharing her story with us. It’s always very inspiring to learn about someone’s lessons and achievements.

If you enjoyed reading our tenth #DefineExperience interview, then stay tuned, because there’s more to come. Moreover, if you’d like to be part of our #DefineExperience project by doing an interview yourself or recommending someone to get interviewed, then write to us.

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